This information relates to the V3 release of SPIKE.

Download (May 15th, 2023) the Beta Version for the V3 release of SPIKE. Please use the upgrade instructions to update your board. This version will only appear as a colour sensor.

For V1 Boards with no DIP Switches, please use this version: Version 2.2 for V1 Boards (May 15th, 2023)

Version 2.1:

The latest version update of the sensor uses the following switches:

Spike Mode: DIP Switch 1

DIP Switch 1 ON - This will allow the sensor to work with SPIKE Prime V3.

This mode will make the sensor appear as if it is a colour sensor.

The following table shows the values that can be used to program your robot.



Red - No Ball,

Yellow - Ball a little distance away Blue - Ball is close


Signal Strength of the ball


Best Sensor of the ball (0-12) - 0 = ball not found


Angle of the ball relative to the sensor. Direct in front is 0 degrees, moving 30 degrees around the board. i.e. Sensor 1 = 30, Sensor 2 = 60.

Be sure to use the extra sensor blocks to access the colour blocks

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